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As a graphic-designer-turned-virtual designer, I am passionate about fusing the strengths of both industries to create innovative services that support the needs of real estate agents, contractors and homeowners. I utilize feedback to continuously improve my processes, because first and foremost, I strive to make the design experience convenient and fun for my clients. In my free time you'll find me in the mountains, traveling, or catching up with friends with my husband John and our dog Pepper.

Katelin Annes

Owner, Virtual Imagineer

Geode Home Design is a locally owned and operated LLC based in Seattle, Washington.

 what is a geode?

Geode is pronounced jē•ōd. The dictionary defines it as “a small cavity in rock lined with crystals or other mineral matter”. I think of geodes as “the rocks we broke open with a hammer as kids.”


The name Geode Home Design is a tribute to my Grandpa Lee, who has influenced much of my artistic growth. To those who know him, you are well aware of his love and obsession for rocks. Visit his home and you’ll find display cases full of polished, unpolished and even unopened beauties, the pirate booty of years of rock hunting.


To me, a Geode is more than a rock. It represents untapped potential; it’s a reminder to look to nature for inspiration; it’s a tribute to those who are willing to work past rough exteriors to discover the beauty within.


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